Project Process and Schedule

Study Area

Even though improvements may take place in a concentrated area, the project’s study area is quite extensive.  It extends from Behrman Highway/Lapalco Boulevard/LA 428 in the northwest to Lartigue Street, just beyond Woodland Highway (LA 406) in the southeast.  The southwestern boundary follows Wall Boulevard down to the southern edge of the Bellemeade and Meadowbrook neighborhoods.  Crossing the GIWW, the study area boundaries include the Fort St. Leon neighborhood and Good News Avenue in Belle Chasse.  The northeastern boundary incorporates existing residential development and flood protection infrastructure.

Alternatives Under Consideration

Click on the atlernative descriptions below to see conceptual maps and more information.


A tunnel alternative was considered in Stage 0, but was dropped from further consideration, as it would require temporary closure of the GIWW to construct.


The full list of project alternatives being considered has increased in number.  To find out more about these additions, see details in this presentation [link to pdf of presentation]