Project Process and Schedule

NEXT STEPS (As of 2/15/2017)

Planning Process

Continue Agency Coordination

Initiate State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) / Section 106 Review

Identify Potential Alternative(s)

Draft Environmental Document

Complete All Reviews

Conduct Public Hearing

Address All Comments

Complete Section 106 Review

Receive FONSI (Finding of
No Significant Impact)

Submit Final Documents and
Supplemental Reports



Study Area

Even though improvements may take place in a concentrated area, the project’s study area is quite extensive.  It extends from Behrman Highway (LA 428) /Lapalco Boulevard in the northwest to just beyond Woodland Highway (LA 406) in the southeast.  The southwestern boundary follows Wall Boulevard down to the southern edge of the Bellemeade and Meadowbrook neighborhoods.  Crossing the Intracoastal Waterway, the study area boundaries include the Fort St. Leon neighborhood and Good News Avenue in Belle Chasse.  The northeastern boundary incorporates existing residential development and flood protection infrastructure.

Revised Alternatives (As of 4/30/2016)

Please review the updated alternative descriptions below for more information:

New Fixed Bridge Options

Belle Chasse Tunnel and
Judge Perez Bridge





Preservation Alternative(s)
Belle Chasse Tunnel and
Judge Perez Bridge

No Build Alternative
Belle Chasse Tunnel and
Judge Perez Bridge

  • 4-lane crossing of GIWW in Belle Chasse
  • 2-lane Belle Chasse Tunnel
  • 2-lane lift Judge Perez Bridge




The full list of project alternatives considered at the start of the study is within the presentation shown to the community at the initial public information meeting [link to pdf of February 26, 2013 presentation]


The results of the evaluation of these alternatives, as reviewed with local officials, return to the community for their review and comments as part of the upcoming public information meeting. [link to pdf of June 7, 2016 presentation]


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